24.11.2009 | Ottawa Signage and Graphics

Vehicle Fleet Wraps in Ottawa

You’ve found us because you’ve Googled “Ottawa Car Wraps”, “Ottawa Vehicle Graphics”, or “Ottawa Vehicles Fleet Wraps” – and we’re glad you did. K6 Media specializes in the design, production, and installation of car and vehicle wraps for you and your business. Request a quote, contact us, or view our portfolio.

Vehicle fleet wraps take the standard car wrap application to a multiple number of vehicles, and is often the path that the majority of our customers want to follow once they take notice of the effectiveness of even just one on the road. an entire fleet of vehicles utilizing a printed vinyl vehicle graphic increase the impression and visibility rate exponentially versus just a single car or truck, provided your business has multiple vehicles. More impressions and visibility inevitably leads to more people taking notice and creating a distinction, and it also creates a consistency of visibility and emphasis with the brand.  One of our long time customers, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa is a perfect example of this. After experiencing first hand the consumer response to having 2 of their vehicles on the road, the logical choice according to managing partner Frank Napolitano, was to increase the visibility by having their entire fleet wrapped to expose the business to as many potential customers as possible. “Vehicles wraps created business leads and referral opportunities and , and anything you can tangibly and physically see a return like that on is something to be capitalized on, in a market where every advertising dollar counts”.