09.12.2009 | Ottawa Signage and Graphics

Emphasizing Your Company’s Brand

One of the things we typically recommend to clients is to introduce as much consistency as possible when considering business signage, vehicle wraps, custom banners, window graphics, or wall graphics. When we initially begin a consultative phase with a customer, we’ll ask questions about what they are currently doing when it comes to emphasizing their company brand – as in how they’re reinforcing it with their customers –  especially if they are considering things like a vehicle graphic, which has the ability to significantly increase the number of impressions received.

Adopting a uniform business image and identity to display on signs, banners, vehicles, business cards, stationary, uniforms and promotional items will serve to brand your business and location, creating greater consumer awareness and recall when your products and services are needed. Taking a page from the big guys – like McDonalds or Hewlett Packard – can serve small business well, because the strategy is the same. As much consistent visibility as possible in as many mediums as possible.

The U.S. Small Business Administration cites brand consistency and visibility as one of the primary decision factors at the forefront of consumer’s minds, especially in the midst of a recession in a survey conducted in early 2009. Using 5 different logos for your business can create confusion and uncertainty about exactly what your organization does and why you are distinct and unique in your respective field. Surprisingly, in that same survey, business owners who were polled thought that more money was required to bridge their marketing efforts to include consistency for the company’s image, and that “mixing it up” was a better strategy. This couldn’t be further from the truth – in actuality, it is a less expensive approach. Approaching brand consistency as an investment is a best practice in our opinion, and creates a greater inclination to trust your business and to ultimately purchase from you.

In a nutshell, if you’re not already doing it – bridge what your marketing. If your logo isn’t the same on your letterhead as it is in on your on premises sign – seriously consider changing it. If what you’re wrapping your car or truck with isn’t the same as what’s on your web site, re-think your strategy. Ask us how we can help you create brand consistency!