04.11.2009 | Ottawa Signage and Graphics

Ottawa Vehicle Wraps

You’ve found us because you’ve Googled “Ottawa Car Wraps”, “Ottawa Vehicle Graphics”, or “Ottawa Truck Wraps” – and we’re glad you did. K6 Media specializes in the design, production, and installation of car and vehicle wraps for you and your business. Request a quote, contact us, or view our portfolio.

You’ve decided to wrap your vehicle, but you’re not sure about a few things before you give your design and installation team carte blanche. Wrapping your vehicle is one of the most cost effective and visible ways of communicating what your business does and who you are, however, there are things to take into consideration before committing yourself to this great medium of marketing yourself – namely – what kind of car wrap or truck wrap do you want? There’s a few…

Most business owners want to leverage the full effectiveness of a car wrap, truck wrap, or whatever kind of vehicle graphic they are employing and to do this, they will will cover almost every inch of their vehicles.  These are called Full Body Wraps. A full body wrap is a complete wrap that covers the exterior, painted portions of your car from bumper to bumper, including the roof. Typically, full body wraps are in most cases what customers will be looking for. The impression count with a car wrap that includes the roof is considerably higher. The simple reason is because it is viewable by those that are looking down at your vehicle, not just people on ground level – like people in high rise office buildings or apartment complexes. We generally recommend introducing a phone number or contact information on the top of your vehicle because of this or on all viewable angles of the car.

A full body wrap is not your only option. Sometimes customers don’t want to wrap the entirety of their vehicles. In this case, employing a window wrap is better suited. A window wrap refers to the rear window of the vehicle with limited to no coverage on any painted surface. We can size the graphic to fit the rear window of any vehicle make or year.

A tailgate wrap refers to the tailgate of a truck, and applies only to trucks. This kind of vehicle wrap is exactly what it sounds like.

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