01.11.2009 | Ottawa Signage and Graphics

Small Business Signs Ottawa

You’ve found us because you’ve Googled “Ottawa Signs”, “Ottawa Business Signs” or “Custom Signs Ottawa”. You’re looking to give a face to your business. Great. K6 Media specializes in the design, production, and installation of business signage for Ottawa’s small business community. Request a quote, contact us, or view our portfolio.

We’ve put together a little F.A.Q. for those of you who are considering your small business’ signage needs.

Q:  Why should I consider a sign for my business?

A:  It’s the face of your business. How will people know you are there?  Custom business signage is the least expensive way to advertise, and is constantly on display.  Business signage emphasizes your brand, reminds potential customers of your location and existence, and increases the likelihood of business being done. (Seems like an odd question, but we get it more than you’d think…)

Q: How can I make my business sign effective?

A: Your sign should accurately project the kind of image you want to relay to your customers.  The design of the sign as well as it’s message should remind them of your presence.  Also your sign should be visible from the street and be as large as possible.

Q: Are custom signs expensive?

A: A custom business sign is one of  the least expensive marketing investments you’ll make, and one that will pay for itself in new business quickly.

Q: What information should my sign contain?

A: A well designed sign should communicate your message effectively.  Ultimately, the sign should incorporate as little verbiage as possible, while getting still relaying the essential basics of what you do.  Pairing this with a picture, image or design will compliment the text and further entice customers.  Determine what size, shape, and color will work best in your location.  Something that stands out in the surrounding area is the most visible to passersby.