18.02.2010 | Ottawa Vehicle wraps

Ottawa Truck Graphics & Wraps: Ideal For Contractors

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“We Saw Your Truck and We’d Like An Estimate”….

We’ve done hundreds of vehicle wraps in the city, but the truck wraps we do for Ottawa’s contracting and renovation community consistently have some of the more vocally satisfied customers that we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. One of the most typical things we hear from the trades, especially home renovation or any trade that has a vehicle that sits in front of a job site or project, is that the response rate is higher than any other marketing that the company is doing. People respond when they see a truck in front of a house, and they really respond when they see work being done. Vehicle graphics, according to our clients, also count as an element of credibility with their new customers and give the impression of pro-activity in an industry that has typically primarily relied on the yellow pages, good reputations,  and word of mouth.

The provided image is for Prebbel Enterprises, a National Capital based landscaping and interlocking stone company, and one of our clients. They have a tendency to be working outside much of the time in the summer months, and can have at least 1 wrapped truck sitting on a job site at any given time. With their website appropriately positioned on the rear window, complimented by their phone number directly on the rear of the truck, the number of phone calls and e-mail inquiries jumps when the fleet of trucks are visible while completing a customer’s landscaping project. The evolving beautification of the exterior of someone’s home tends to get second glances from neighbors and passerby traffic, and having a strategically and conveniently positioned advertisement capitalizes on the opportunity.

The trades is often ranked as one of the most sought out industries by consumers, yet one of the least marketed. As a contractor, a vehicle wrap for your truck or fleet, coupled with the visible nature of the work you do, puts you in a unique position to market your services more effectively than most other professions. Even better news? Truck and fleet wraps will cost you less than advertising in the traditional mediums that you’ve probably been using.

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