13.10.2018 | Ottawa Vehicle wraps

Stella & Dot gets a new Wrap!


Patty Searl from Stella & Dot gets a new look on her Hyundai Santa Fe!  This 3/4 wrap on her Sante FE features vivid colours, high resolution images of product and great brand recognition

By utilizing the base colour of the vehicle, we creatively ended the graphics with some of the pieces that Patty sells.  This transitioned the 3/4 wrap very nicely into the original paint colour of the vehicle.  When doing partial vehicle graphics it is always very important to keep in mind how it flows into the painted portion of the vehicle.  By ending the graphics with an object, it allows you to cut around the shapes and give a very unique look.

The back of the vehicle allowed us to really showcase Patty’s name while at the same time showing the Stella & Dot Brand name.  In most cases we remove all the emblems from the back of the vehicle allowing for a nice clean canvas to work with.  The vehicle graphics will last much longer as well when they aren’t being tented over emblems.

Checkout Patty’s reaction below:


i absolutely love it !!!! i am over the moon estatic it is amazing..and not only have i wanted to do this for a while i am glad you guys and ladies did it and captured the true essence  of he business:)…
i have paid so much in tradeshows and different regions media that it came to a point for me to become present — and with this i believe i have..
all i have is social media, a home office, and word of mouth… but now i have a moving office/ retail store / visual board all in one!!!”
– Patty Searl