12.06.2017 | Ottawa Signage and Graphics

Auntie Loo’s gets a new look!

A few months back we met with Amanda from Auntie Loo’s to discuss what we could do to add impact to her location.

Auntie Loo’s currently had hand painted graphics in the inside of their windows.  The paintings were difficult to see & provided very little impact.

The first idea that came to mind was adding stunning graphics in their windows that would be colourful and creative.

We started to by re-creating a hand drawn illustration of Auntie Loo.  We recreated the character in a vector format so that the lines would be crisp
and could be expanded to any size without losing quality. We created a design that included texture, high resolution images of the production, and brief descriptions of their products so that from a distance you could clearly understand what it is they do.  The key was to have a design that showcased the creativity of their cakes and would easily draw your eye in as you walk or drive by.

Checkout what their location looks like now with their new graphics:

Read what Amanda has to say about the K6 Service:

“When I had originally set up my business, I had never intended to be open to the public, and just operate as a wholesale company.  However, after 2 years, the demand for retail was growing and I realized that I needed some visibility on my awkwardly placed building on a busy street.  Tristan and K6 Media listened to my requests, respected my design suggestions, and came out with an eye popping window and door designs that certainly wont be missed!  People are already coming in and calling all thanks to my fabulous windows!  Thank you so much for creating something that was affordable and represented my business perfectly!” – Amanda Lunan, Owne