The Bumpy Brew Donkey Bus

Stop the bus – is that a Brew Donkey painted school bus? Nope! It’s a k6 Media wrapped school bus! If you can believe it – nothing was painted for this job at all. It was all printed! The reason for thinking otherwise is likely due to the incredible line ups which section the artwork perfectly and the seamless install. All Part of how we work our magic here at K6.


For this job we were asked to take care of the print and installation. Oh – but it wasn’t that easy. Had we printed straight from the file given and went to install, the wrap would have fallen short due to the extra material required to cover all the corrugations and complex curves on the vehicle. Brew Donkey put their trust in us and, even though the file was not print-ready, our experienced team knew just what to do.


In order to have the install look exactly like the mock up our pre-press team took the extra time to go look at the bus, take many precise measurements, and adjust the artwork in the print file to incorporate additional space under each corrugation. When it came time for the install in was a smooth drive and all bumps in the road were avoided.

“Thanks guys for making the bus look exactly like we imagined it would, roof and all”

Brad Campeau

Brew Donkey